The Secret Listener

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Just before the second world war a solitary woman moved into a small hamlet in North Devon, she lived on her own and never went out, having her groceries delivered.

People say she had been a violinist in the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra and also worked for MI6 in some capacity. 

She was so mysterious that local people thought she was an enemy spy  – the delivery boy had seen a gun on her dining table. 

The story of Olive Myler was passed down aurally  via gossip, or mentioned in newspaper articles, it has no neatly tied up ending, no answers, only potential for real drama. The story of a quiet rural life on the surface that hides a wealth of intelligence and intrigue on a national scale. It makes us question who our neighbours really are and what they may be hiding.

A new show for 2019, The Secret Listener coming to The Theatre Royal 24/25th July

This page will log the making of the show and share the outcomes.

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With funding from Arts Council England, Plymouth University and the South West Creative Technology Network