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Documenting practice – Lee Miller

Just attended my first lecture, although not strictly for me – it was an undergraduate gig but a few MA students gate crashed, actually we were invited to go because yes it was precisely for us but I’m a student now and want to sound anarchic. The lecture was ‘Documenting Practice’ something I’ve not done previously, I’ve evaluated and written journals but the idea that I can document as I go along is a great way forward. When I was an undergraduate it was all notebooks and pencils, no youtube or flickr to record my work but this is precisely what we are being encouraged to do. Out of over 70 students in the lecture theatre only 2 of us were on wordpress so I’m reckoning the aforesaid blog tool will get a large hit of new blogs from Plymouth at around teatime today.

These online web tools are there to help us capture and store our work and ultimately share our research so here’s the list

Twitter, wordpress, tumblr, vimeo, youtube, flickr, pinterest, prezi, scribd, google+, feedly

I’m just going to tweet this as part of my online presence in the class and will leave a longer thought at the end of the first week.