Invisible Other at Bodmin

We are taking Invisible Other to Bodmin on the 15th and 16th of October – including a Saturday matinee! They have a pay-what-you can policy and have three suggested prices. Take a look at the website

For Friday evening click here
For Saturday matinee click here
For Saturday evening click here

Two weeks ago I went down to Bodmin and spoke to some local women about their stories of invisibility. Facilitated by IntoBodmin and the Women’s Centre Bodmin we talked about getting older; retirement; being carers; inequality in the workplace and how menopause can trigger emotions that have been buried around childhood sexual abuse. Even though the subjects were emotional, there was lots of laughter and fun because that’s what happens when women get together.

I was widowed at 39, my son returned from university and kind of swung into action and then decided we better go out go to the coast for a breath of fresh air. The girlfriend turned up and he gets into the car and the girlfriend takes the front seat and for the first time in God knows how many years I just had to go and sit in the back seat in what actually I considered to be my own car’. 


We made a podcast of the conversations and you can hear it HERE, along with my other audios for Invisible Other