Everyone an artist

“It makes me wonder: what might the NTiYN commissions look like if it weren’t Fuel making most of the decisions?”
Here in the South West, in Plymouth, we are growing a community of practitioners who come from all walks of life who each bring a different viewpoint of how that accessibility can happen. There isn’t a name yet for this group, we have shared outlooks but agreeing on a name, that is the most difficult of tasks.
I am very much looking forward to the momentum of Fun Palaces and how it adds to the ethos of NTiYN.

New Theatre In Your Neighbourhood

by Maddy Costa

Francois Matarasso has been a source of inspiration pretty much since I became involved in New Theatre in Your Neighbourhood. A cultural thinker as generous as he is perspicacious, he frequently alerts me to cultural projects or public activities I might not otherwise encounter, and argues for more genuinely inclusive ways of thinking about, talking about and creating art. As the subtitles to his website and blog so piquantly put it, he writes about art as if people mattered, and thinks about culture as if democracy mattered.

I’ve flagged him up on here before, but his latest post feels particularly provocative for the NTiYN project. It focuses on Les Nouveaux Commanditaires, a programme initiated by Belgian photographer Francois Hers to create an alternative to standard community arts provision: giving people (in Matarasso’s words) “not just access to great art (as selected on their behalf by…

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