deep dramaturgy

Five principles for deep dramaturgy of site-specific practice produced by Heidi Taylor, a dramaturg, director and performer from Vancover, Canada.

From Dramaturgy and Performance by Cathy Turner & Synne K. Behrndt 2008:196

1. All signs in the performance space have meaning, independent of their usefulness to the project

2. Accidents and contradictions contribute to the complexity of the work – if they are embraced rather than ignored, they may satisfy the idiosyncratic and deep felt structures of the work

3. Active choices about every element of the production, from the first audience contact to the end of the event, has the potential to increase the audience’s ability and willingness to attend to and appreciate our obsession with detail

4. The diversity of theatre flourishes with increased audience contact, which is not synonymous with larger audiences

5. Basic ideological, political, economic and technological structures must

therefore change. (Taylor in Turner and Behrndt, 2008:196)

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