the Jewish Museum

Just had a few days in London with a visit to the Jewish Museum and the first night of Told By an Idiot’s My Perfect Mind at the Young Vic, which was a co-production with the Drum Theatre Plymouth. I would have taken a trip to the museum anyway, as my performance is inside an orthodox Jewish building, but finding out that the Chief executive is Abigail Morris, who directed me in the Verity Bargate award winning play Kindertransport by Diane Samuels in 1993, meant that it was even more important. What a great place, rooms of wonderful artifacts and interactive information, oral histories plus answers to questions at the push of a button. Having Abigail as a tour buddie was a great advantage with little insights and then a meeting with Elizabeth Selby – the social history curator and collections manager who found me items relating to in particular, Plymouth’s synagogue.

JM 1054

property of the Jewish Museum

this calling card above is particularly interesting as Abraham Joseph came from a family who were one of the largest and most well respected within the Hebrew congregation. Abraham was a purveyor of naval clothing and advisor to Prince William, (the third son of George III) who was captain of the frigate Pegasus. The notes attached claim that the Joseph family maintained royal connections for three generations.


property of the Jewish Museum

Here is a silver snuff box presented in 1837 to Aaron Nathan, the constable of East Stonehouse, which celebrates his discovery of a gang of coiners.

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