Solo performance making- starting to find an approach.

If we, as solo performance makers have to wear many hats, have to look at how many components relate to the work as a whole, we have to develop an approach to our applied dramaturgy. Approaching how to address it, how to textualize it, how to speak it and inevitably, how to perform it. We should re-imagine our practice as curating a piece of theatre, or performance, where we can see the framing of the whole. Whatever site we are using we should look at the space as a collaborator. If we work with a community for our performance, as performance ethnographers we should treat them as other collaborators, certainly if their words become the text. I certainly believe that Claire Macdonald’s comment in Conducting the Flow: Dramaturgy & Writing (2010) sums up my practice as research, ‘[t]he new dramaturgy does not proceed from text as a known set of procedures, but instead explores what those procedures might be’.


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